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Freedom. Flexibility. Fulfillment. Family.

*Inspiration and information for women who want it all but without the overload.



What it’s really like to be a working mum in Australia: survey results

Working mums are a conflicted bunch.

On one hand, we’re overwhelmed and stressed from the daily juggle but we’re also fulfilled and find the stress worth it.

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Why we need to stop asking if we can have it all

I’m a little tired of the ‘having it all’ conversation. Because the ‘can we or can we not have it all?’ question misses the whole point entirely. It’s the wrong question. The question should be: what needs to change to support women to have the life that they choose?

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When the boredom of motherhood makes you unhappy

Is it possible that motherhood is not making you happy?

Not that motherhood is making you unhappy. But that it, and the effort and time it takes to dedicate to the kids, as well as everything else you have on your plate, has a direct contribution to a level of unhappiness? Because you’re bored by it.

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Do you have your own business or would you like to?

If you’ve swapped a corporate office for a home office, then check out The School-Hours Entrepreneurs Podcast and community.


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