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Lessons for a Complete Life

middle age
Middle aged? My middle finger I am!
My little darlings informed me recently that I was ‘middle-aged’. While my brain screamed “WTF?” my mouth worded: “Excuse me?” Read more.
successful life
How to have a successful life even if you feel like a failure
Before I became a mother – back when I was just me – I felt I had an incredibly successful Read more.
work-life balance
Unravelling the work-life balance knot: making time when you have none
If life as a working mother had a trinity, it would be: balance, time and guilt. We want one, need the Read more.

Current Projects

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 school-hours entrepreneurs

The #SHEshow – the School-Hours Entrepreneurs Podcast and community: for women who want to ditch the 9-5 grind and work for themselves. Find us here.