Hey, I’m Rachael, although most of my friends call me Rach.

I’m a journalist, writing coach and editor, podcast host, speaker, health coach & wellness advocate, wife and mum-of-two.

I choose to have it all because it’s all important to me – I want a complete life.

Despite that long list though, I’m anti-busyness, a seeker of balance and a proponent of having it all without doing it all.


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I believe that life, as it currently stands, isn’t designed for women who want to have kids and career AND still feel balanced, energised and healthy.

The corporate world might have welcomed us to the ranks but – let’s be honest – it didn’t change the office hours to suit school runs and dinner time.

So there’s a whole generation of women who are spinning their wheels trying to be all things to all people, trying to have it all by doing it all, and finding themselves depleted and overwhelmed in the process.

I believe there’s a revolution afoot in which this will change, but it’s slow going.

What it requires is for women to speak up – to speak up for their health, for their fulfillment. To speak up and share their thoughts on how to make things better.

I believe that life is meant to be more ease-full – to be less about struggle, overwhelm and busyness and more about balance, and joy and connection – and I believe, deeply, that the way for that to happen is to amplify women’s voices.

To help women contribute to the global conversation on issues that matter most, so that they can help facilitate positive change.

I believe women have much, much more to offer the world than they are currently sharing and that the world will be a better place with women leading change – bringing a softer, more soulful approach to living, business and community.

Most of all, I believe women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their own fulfillment and sense of self on the altar of motherhood. That they can combine the two without burn out and instead, find a balance that is right for them.


So this space is about lessons in having a complete life, without overwhelm. 



Rachael Jansen



I write lessons in how to be healthier, happier, more balanced, and more fulfilled.

For your health, this is perhaps the most important piece I’ve written here – why I want you to know about your thyroid.

To understand more about what life is like for Australian working women and their families, I ran a survey – these are the results. You can see how you compare.

I put together a 20 day training series of shortcuts for better health and happiness – my Juggle Survival Training – which you can get here.

I am a passionate advocate for women’s voices – for us to share our thoughts, our ideas and to help right what’s wrong for us and others.

My podcast is to share those voices – conversations on a complete life, encompassing how women build their own businesses and thoughts on how to live life better as a working woman with a family.

I am a journalist, writing coach and communications consultant, and I work with women visionary’s, changemakers, leaders, coaches and health and wellness business owners to amplify and elevate their voice and mission. You can check out my services here.


About me

My official resume, if I had one, would contain details of  a 25+ year career in newspapers, as a journalist, columnist, chief of staff and other bibs-and-bobs (predominately at The Gold Coast Bulletin but also The Sunday Mail in Brisvegas).

I’ve interviewed some amazing people, the most amazing being not the celebrities and politicians, but the everyday people living through terrible tragedy or triumphing over it, or those making a difference in other people’s lives.

I became a health coach after studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school. It enabled me to transform my life and that of my family through better food choices, an understanding of the mind-body connection, the effects of stress and how to beat them, and the total importance of living life in the present moment.

When I’m not researching, writing, coaching or broadcasting, I’m busy doing mum-stuff, like going to swimming, soccer football or dance pick-ups, buying then cooking copious amounts of food, and washing mountains of laundry.


I live an incredibly fortunate life, where I dictate my own hours and terms to keep a balance that’s right for me. I don’t work in the school holidays. I am available for my kids when they’re sick or need help. I’m there for homework. I feed myself and my family healthy, real food. I drink wine. I have an incredibly supportive husband. He’s my person (Grey’s Anatomy fans will understand the reference). We live in amazing Burleigh Heads, with a lake in the backyard and the beach down the road.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Now, I’d like to hear your story.

Why not send me an email?




I support women who want to work for themselves – come check us out over at the School-Hours Entrepreneurs community.

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