Hi! I’m Rachael Jansen: a journalist, content coach and editor, podcast host, health coach & wellness advocate, speaker, wife and mum-of-two.

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Despite that long list, I’m an anti-busyness advocate, a seeker of balance.

That doesn’t mean I get it right though!

As a working mum my daily life pretty much feels like it’s out of control most of the time, as I ping from one responsibility to the next.

I help women in business with their online content and writing, I have a blog, a podcast and a family. I choose to have it all because it’s all important to me.

The challenge though is not only coping with it all, but thriving while you do it, because I don’t believe women should have to choose between fulfillment and family (you can read my rant below).

That’s what this space is all about – finding ways to thrive, not just survive, and to do it while you’re busy having it all.

On the blog, you’ll find:

  • inspiration on making changes for a happier, more balanced and fulfilled life;
  • ideas for better health (cos you can’t have it all on an empty tank);
  • and stories and information about life as a working mum.

So if it’s important to you to find out how to eat healthy food when you don’t have much time; how to be happy when you’re busy making other people happy; and finding that all important balance between those you love and being kind to yourself, then I hope you can find some answers here.

Perhaps start with:

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This is perhaps the most important piece I’ve written here – why I want you to know about your thyroid;

I ran a survey of working mums about their lives – these are the results. You can see how you compare.


Of course, I would love to connect with you and send you survival strategies to help you have more health, wealth & happiness. You can get the tips here.


My rant

I believe that modern life as it stands is not designed for women who want to mix kids and career AND still feel balanced, energised and fulfilled.

The corporate world might have welcomed us to the ranks but – let’s be honest – it didn’t change the office hours to suit school runs and dinner time.

So there’s a whole generation of women who are spinning their wheels trying to be all things to all people, trying to have it all by doing it all, and finding themselves depleted and overwhelmed in the process.

As a result, many of us have turned to our own devices to find a better way – to use our expertise and experience to build our own businesses, so that we can have more balance, fulfillment and a better lifestyle.

I believe the time is exactly right for this revolution – for women with soulful and healthful businesses to be seen and heard online.

I believe there is a better way to live than being caught in the 9-5 grind – that the new way forward for a better quality of life is to make choices that give you freedom and time to spend with the people you love doing things you enjoy.

I believe that life is meant to be more ease-full – to be less about struggle, overwhelm and busyness and more about balance, and joy and connection.

I believe women have much, much more to offer the world than they are currently sharing and that the world will be a better place with women leading change – bringing a softer, more soulful approach to living, business and community.

Most of all, I believe women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their own fulfillment and sense of self on the altar of motherhood. That they can combine the two without burn out and find a balance that is right for them.

You can read my full story and background here.



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