Juggling all the elements of a complete life can be exhausting.

I know, I’ve been there. The A-type overachiever striving for perfection in all areas only to end up overwhelmed and exhausted, knowing I need to balance myself but feeling too tired to work out when and how!

Even though you know better, you often don’t do the better thing because … well, lots of possible reasons but quite often simply because you’re too tired to think or too uncertain to act.

That’s what mentoring helps with.

Someone who will listen without judgement.

Someone who understands you and what you’re trying to do – keep something of yourself in tact while you manage all the balls without having to give up anything that’s important to you.

Someone who’s on your side and wants you to achieve your goals and dreams.


Life balance mentoring is ‘juggle support’ for women doing it all.

It’s about balancing self-care and success.


What it might do for you:

  • Help you feel supported and confident in your decisions;
  • Clarify what action you need to take in certain areas of your life;
  • Set boundaries around your time and create space for yourself;
  • Decide on ways to improve your health, your relationships, your business;
  • Find ways to incorporate some balance even when your timetable is full;
  • Determine what elements of a complete life are lacking and how to incorporate them;
  • Keep you accountable and motivated to do the things that you most want to do but always seem to put off.


Who this mentoring is best for:

  • Women juggling a business and family.
  • Women juggling a career and family.
  • Women who feel overwhelmed and need a second ‘brain’.
  • Women who are switched on but looking for insights into what they’re missing.


What this mentoring is not:

It’s not business coaching. I offer content and writing coaching for women in business. Those details are here. We can discuss your business as part of the mentoring, if it’s causing you issues you need to address. I will be able to refer you to people or information that may be able to help. I have extensive contacts from my time as a journalist, blogger, coach and podcaster and as your mentor, will refer you to them.

It’s not health coaching. Even though I am a qualified health coach, I don’t offer those specific services. I will however, be able to provide you with ideas, links, referrals or information you may wish to investigate further to improve your health and wellness if that’s what you need, including a eating a healthier diet, questions and tests to ask your doctor or naturopath about, and lifestyle changes to feel better. I don’t diagnose, treat or heal.


How does it work?

To begin, you’ll fill in a questionnaire so I have an insight into who you are and what your goals are as well as your current situation and challenges.

Then we’ll connect online over Skype once a fortnight for mentoring sessions. You’ll be able to set an agenda for what you’d like to discuss and set goals you’d like support to achieve.

The mentoring package is for three months, includes six one-on-one mentoring sessions and email support, and is $600.


Ready to start?

To apply, fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch with the full questionnaire and booking details.


Beautiful Rach, it’s almost one whole year since I sent that first inquiring email to you & I want you to know how happy I am. To those looking from the outside not a lot may appear different but from within I am blissfully happy, have a much better sense of self, nurture myself, my weight has decreased, my relationships are rosy, my stress levels are under control & while I am certainly no gold star recipient for sticking to the lessons I learned, I do give myself the encouragement award to keep taking the baby steps to get me even healthier. But I am so, so happy I took the plunge. You were worth every penny! I think of you every time I cook up something amazingly whole & delicious & when I take time out to slow down my pace & appreciate my children, husband & the little things around me that were once just part of the blur that was life. I’ve told you before but this is a public thank you. Xx yay for self empowerment! Xx