The detox end that doesn’t end

My four week clean-eating detox is over, and yet, it’s not. Even though the official four weeks has past, I’m still pretty much maintaining the super healthy eating regime, bar a glass of wine with hubby on the weekend, the first one in five weeks.

I still haven’t had a coffee, and haven’t felt like one either, despite having a daily habit before. I have however developed a healthy attachment to peppermint tea, to complement the ginger tea habit I adopted the first time I took this detox challenge.


Just as the first time I did this had a profound impact on my diet and understanding of health, the repeat performance has taught me new lessons. For a start, I can see how far I’ve come since last year’s effort. This time was far less taxing because my eating habits are far closer to the no red meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol regime than it was the first time. Once I moved past the two days of coffee withdrawal, life was barely different.

I was able to tune in to my body much more this time too. Being more than half way through my holistic health and nutrition course, I understood much more the signals my body was sending me, which has led to an interesting internal conversation in regards to rice and gluten.

I’m not finished with the experiment yet. And that’s what working on my diet has been – a year-long experiment in cleaning up my act and now fine-tuning and refining the edges as I keep improving it. With that largely sorted, it frees me up to focus more time and energy on other areas of my life.

Knowing how to feed myself well, understanding what works for me, and feeling the difference between a nourished body and a neglected one has been one of the greatest gifts I could have ever given myself.




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