7-Day challenge, day one: Dress up

Not in a clown suit, or fairy costume. Tomorrow is about rummaging through the wardrobe and putting on something a little out of the ordinary. Tomorrow, whether you’re going to be at home, at school, at work – wherever you spend your day – you must be wearing an outfit that makes you feel amazing when you have it on. With heels, and make up and jewels and accessories.


Between the kids, work, the house and day-to-day stuff, we rarely get the opportunity to frock up, and certainly lose the inclination to a lot of the time. We can tend to wear the same things week-to-week, whilst keeping a stash of rarely seen dresses and outfits that we save for ‘special occasions’.

Well, tomorrow is a special occasion. You have to spend the day so well dressed your hubby might become suspicious. It has to be the sort of outfit that might make the mums at school drop-off talk about you – in a nice way. As in: “you look amazing!” And when they do say that to you, you must just smile and say thank you!

You don’t have to go formal. Dressing up for you might in fact be dressy jeans and a sequin top. It might be a boho skirt because you usually wear workout gear. Whatever it is to you, it has to be out of the ordinary!

You might feel a bit overdressed at school drop off – don’t worry, I’ll be out of my comfort zone too – but that’s the whole point! As is the fact that when we dress ourselves well, with a bit of style, effort or care, it can lift our feelings of worth, importance, beauty and happiness. Doing the dishes in knee-high boots and a silk dress may well feel odd, but it sure probably won’t feel ordinary!

Show me your style tomorrow – post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #extraordinarysos or email it to me so I can post on our Facebook page. Off to the bedroom with you, to start planning. Have fun! Be a little daring. Be extraordinary!

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  1. You have started off with a tough one, at least it is for me, but I will have a go! If this is what we start with I’m a bit scared for the rest of the week xxx

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      Don’t worry Katrina – it’s tough for me too. Felt somewhat out of my comfort zone at school drop off this morning, but certainly not ordinary! See how you go 🙂
      And don’t worry about the rest of the week – nothing tough, I promise 😉

  2. Well I have turned up to work today in red high heels with bright red lipstick. Usually I wear black flats and soft pink lippy…..feeling a little saucy today 😉

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      Woohoo, I bet you look hot too 😉 I reckon you’ll have a swagger on when you walk too, and not just from wearing the heels!

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