7-Day challenge, Day Six: A full day

I know your days are full, like mine, but we often don’t live a full day. We survive a full day. We endure a full day. We cram and race our way through a full day.

We mostly though don’t always live a full day. We don’t always notice the passing of the day, the changing light and the majesty of the day. It surrounds us but it is background to what we fill our time with.

So today is about noticing and experiencing a full day. It means rising before sunrise. Oh yes it does! Don’t groan. I can hear your resistance as I type.



Here’s the thing: how many times do you see pictures taken at sunrise by other women who are out doing something – walking, yoga or just even watching the magic of a new day beginning – and think it’s something you’d like to do? But you never do.

So another new day dawns without you being a part of it while instead you wait for the alarm clock (or child) who is going to rouse you from your bed  and you kick off your everyday routine feeling anything but extraordinary.

I’ve seen a few dawns in my time – mostly coming home from a big night out, many years ago. Or in transit on a trip. Or after a restless night when sleep was elusive. They’re always beautiful, and amazing, and extraordinary.

Tomorrow though, the idea is to see a sunrise just to see a new beginning unfold before me. To see the incredible opportunity that lies before us every 24 hours.

You can choose to do this challenge on your own, with your partner, with your kids. With tea, with coffee, with a blanket over your knees. Sitting, walking, cuddling. Notice the colours, the sounds, the beauty. Even if it’s raining and you can’t see the sun, you can see the new day stirring in other ways.

For the challenge, take pictures of the new day dawning. Take pictures during the day. And then watch the sunset tomorrow too, and photograph that as well. The beginning and the end.

It will be the last day of May. The last day of autumn for 2014 here in Australia, the last day before winter. Sunrise around here is 6.30am, so it’s not a super early start like we’d have in summer. And a 5pm sunset, so this is the perfect challenge for this time of year!

A full day. The beginning and end. To consider the blessing that each new day is. To be alive, to have the opportunity to live your incredible, extraordinary life. To really notice your day.

Don’t forget to share your pics! And let me know your thoughts: are you a morning person, or does this sound like punishment?


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