7-Day challenge, Day Two: Love letter

So how did you go today, dressing up just for the fun of it? It was an interesting process for me. I honestly didn’t think I’d feel as self-conscious as I did, but I think most of that was because lots of the mums at school read the blog and I felt a little pressure!

The challenge has made me think about whether I’m really dressing for comfort as I say I am, or instead for safety, so that I blend in rather than stand out. I definitely feel better about myself when I make an effort with my appearance. It’s been a great reminder to me to wear only what makes me feel great, and that when I feel great, even the ordinary is sparkly and fun.

I’d love to hear how you got on. What did you wear and how did you feel?

All dressed up :)

All dressed up in a frock that’s been worn once in three years! Obviously I don’t get out much, and not often in a frock. So it was a good excuse to pull it out and put it to good use. I’ll have to make a habit of it now I think.

So on to tomorrow’s challenge: writing a love letter. An old-fashioned, pen-to-paper letter from the heart to a loved one.

During our ordinary days, we rarely tell our loved ones exactly how much we love them or express our gratitude for them. We may not even give any thought to it, let alone put a voice to it.

Love, in any form, is extraordinary. What an amazing thing it is to have love in our lives – to give it and receive it. I know as women we dream of extraordinary love – that many women wish for grand gestures of love and romance. To be swept off their feet, to find a Prince Charming, and have the happy ever after of fairytales.

But an ordinary love affair is an extraordinary thing, when you take notice of it and give gratitude for it. Love can be shown in a number of ways, and everyone has different ways of showing it. Love is a connection, a trust and a belonging. It’s about having someone who is on your side, always.

We may live our lives in an ordinary way, but having love and connection with others, and really thinking about that, makes it all extraordinary.

So over the course of tonight and into tomorrow morning, spend time thinking of your loved ones and how they show love to you. It may not always be the way that you would like it demonstrated, but it may be the only way they know how. How do they support you? Financially, physically, verbally, emotionally?

You can choose any loved one you like – other than your children! That’s too easy. Husband, partner, lover, parent, friend, sibling – one of these people, or even more than one if you want. If you’re already in the habit of telling your partner how much you love them and why you love them, or if you’re single, then choose someone else – someone you might never have told how much you value them as part of your life.

Of course you have to give them your letter! Otherwise, the words are still unspoken. 

Let me know in the comments who you’ve chosen to write to and how it made you feel to really think about the love in your life.

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  1. This pushes my comfort zone much more than day one!! Still, the timing is great as in lieu of this week’s yoga class I will miss I went to a Meditation in my local hall … The focus?… the heart chakra & love!

    1. Post

      Oh it pushes my comfort zone more too Belinda! But I think that’s a great thing. Your meditation sounds lovely – I hope you enjoyed it. x

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