Podcast Interview Application

Thank you for your interest in coming on to Conversations for a Complete Life, the podcast for women who want it all but without the overwhelm and sacrifice.

I love more than interviewing inspiring people and sharing information that will help women rise.

There are two main criteria I look for in interviews:

  • Inspiration – interviews that inspire and motivate;
  • Information – interviews that provide tangible tips.

Before you write to me though, please take a look at the checklist:

♥ I want to hear your story if it’s one of breaking free from expectations for a life of more freedom and flexibility;
♥ I want to hear from you if you have specific information about managing the juggle, living in alignment with values, women over 40, gender equality, being in business or health and wellbeing;
♥ I want to hear from you if you are a woman who has written a book, overcome obstacles, built up a business or some other fabulous story.

If you’ve gone tick, tick, tick, tick, then hit me with your pitch!