Are you only half alive or in full bloom?

Sometimes you just don’t know what you need until it shows up in front of you. You may have a sense that something’s not quite right or missing, or you might not. Often you go about your business thinking that how you feel and what you do, is normal and all there is.

Until you see or hear something that makes you realise that perhaps all is not as it could be. They’re those a-ha moments. Those times when a light bulb switches on, or we feel excited and we wonder how we didn’t know or realise this all along.



There were quite a few of those moments amongst the ladies at the SOS event last weekend. Presented with information they hadn’t known or considered previously, they realised that they hadn’t been told the whole story and there were real reasons behind why they had been feeling the way they had.

Some ladies left armed with inspiration and information they didn’t even know they needed. Which is great – and the whole point.

Knowing something isn’t quite right is one thing. Thinking it’s just a part of life is another. I had no idea how fantastic I could feel until I did a detox and totally cleaned up my diet. I knew I wanted to feel better but I had no idea that life could feel so good. I couldn’t know because I hadn’t felt that way for … maybe ever. I can’t say. Finding the new direction I wanted to take my career in also lifted me in a way I hadn’t felt for a long time. Finding that clarity makes so much difference to how you feel about everything – yourself, your life, your future.

We can go through life – day-to-day – only half alive. Never in full bloom. The difference between existing and living is sometimes not noticeable unless you come across something or someone that shows you the difference. Being in charge of your own life and of your own health are the two biggest factors I’ve seen change women’s lives. I’ve done it, my clients do it, and I’ve written countless stories on women who have done it.

As I said to the ladies on Saturday – the trick is to be mindful. That is, pay attention to what’s going on around you and within you. We usually have all of our attention focused on the kids, the house, work, what needs to be done and we’re used to not even thinking of what might be going on for us.

A good start is to switch off from social media and spend some time daydreaming in nature. Simple, but effective.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for something to fall in front of you. You can go seek it out for yourself and live your life in full bloom.


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