Balance coaching

Life is too short to live it any other way than completely.

Having it all often translates to doing it all.

When you're a working woman with a family, life can feel too stressful, too busy and some days, simply overwhelming.

I work with women who want to make room in their life for their own health, happiness and desires.

If you've spent years looking after everyone else, and have forgotten about yourself along the way, balance coaching can help you find your way back to living a life that includes looking after your needs and wants as well.

You won't receive any complicated advice from me - I'm a BS-free cheerleader who will support you to make the changes you want to make.


In a nutshell ...

I'll ask you questions to help you find the clarity about what you want to change and then support you as you make the changes.

What Might You Achieve?

Stress less and be a nicer, happier human

Sleep better, eat better, feel better

Do stuff that makes you happy and be less of a people pleaser

Be more positive and make decisions to support your future and dreams

Feel more confident, feel like yourself again

Are you ready to make time and space for you again?

Rachael as a coach

I'm a qualified health coach, having studied the mind-body connection, diet and wellbeing through the world's largest nutrition school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

My natural curiosity, love or learning and career as a journalist keen to ask questions and find out more has seen me research and undertake courses in  positive psychology, NLP and mindfulness.

My driving motivation is gender equality and to help women rise.

There's nothing better than hearing from a client that what's she's learned and the simple changes she's made improved her life profoundly.


Beautiful Rach, it's almost one whole year since I sent that first inquiring email to you & I want you & all the other mums to know how happy I am. I am blissfully happy, have a much better sense of self, nuture myself, my weight has decreased, my relationships are rosy, my stress levels are under control & while I am certainly no gold star recipient for sticking to the lessons I learned, I do give myself the encouragement award to keep taking the baby steps to get me even healthier. But I am so, so happy I took the plunge. You were worth every penny!

So to you, THANKYOU for making it OK to be me.....a clever, capable, successful independent, tertiary educated chick who married, got a mortgage, had kids and then gave everything to her family, children, husband, and meanwhile forgot about her own journey. I have definitely reclaimed some of my space and am finding my place.

The nitty gritty

Coaching starts from $199

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