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#72: Body image, self-acceptance and the power of yoga

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with Carla and Emma Papas

Body image is something most women struggle with in some form at some stage in their lives, often from childhood.

Feeling flawed or inadequate in some way because of how you look is sadly all too common, and for some women, all-consuming. The amount of time, energy and resources women spend worrying about how they look, and trying to ‘fix’ themselves, is truly sad.

Emma and Carla Papas of The Merrymaker Sisters are dear friends of mine, and overcoming body-image issues through self-acceptance is a core theme behind their online yoga and Pilates studio.

In a survey they ran of more than 700 women, they found:

  • 99 percent wanted to change something about their bodies;
  • the majority of women were under 20 when they first had a thought that something was wrong with their body and the way they looked; and
  • 80 percent of respondents said their poor body image had previously stopped them from participating in some aspect of life.

We often have chats over coffee about these issues, and so it made sense to record one – no coffee this time though.

It’s a beautiful conversation in which the girls also share some of their personal experience with negative body image, overcoming hard times, and ultimately choosing self-acceptance, joy and inner strength.

Find Carla, Em and their Merrybody Online Studio here.

As a member of their yoga and Pilates studio since it first opened in 2019, I can highly recommend it to you (not an affiliate). It makes finding time for movement so easy, and there is literally a class for every mood and need.

Also find them:

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On Youtube here.

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