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#77: Change your thinking to change your life

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with Kate James

Understanding the power of your thoughts and how they can influence your life – for better or worse – is one of the most profound things you can work on in order to create more happiness.

Kate James is a life, business and success coach who has been helping people find their purpose and live more fulfilling lives for two decades, and joins the show for a conversations about her new book Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life.

The book is a very practical look at the idea, using multiple psychological therapies and applications, and in this episode of the podcast, I ask Kate about some of the main themes of the book and how they might apply to women, mothers and the way we live.

In the conversation, we talk about:

  • the power of thoughts and how they create feelings and behaviours;
  • how the narratives you tell yourself help create the person you become;
  • how over time in life you close down your authentic character and instead mould yourself to fit in;
  • how your thoughts about being judged can lead to making unhelpful life choices;
  • how to distinguish between thoughts and your true, internal guidance system;
  • that being your true self is the way to a meaningful life;
  • that your thoughts can take you away from the moment and the beauty of now; and
  • how learning how to be mindful of your thoughts can help you make your life beautiful.

If you’re like me, you can be prone to spending too much time up in your head, and letting your thoughts gallop away from you, and steer you away from doing things that you want to do.

This conversation with Kate will hopefully show you how you have a choice to control your thoughts, and live a life that is more meaningful to you.

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