Chill out to beat winter flus

We’ve just had a cold snap hit here, so the past couple of days have been freezing. Well, freezing Gold Coast-style, which may not be arctic conditions, but it’s still cold enough to require jumpers, jackets and boots. The sun’s out again now, so it’s back to a t-shirt if you’re in the right spot, but the few days of chilliness was enough to remind us that winter is (pretty much) here and there will be a few more cold days ahead.


According to ancient Chinese Taoism, people are wise to follow Mother Nature’s signals and retreat and rest in winter, just as the plant growth slows and animals hibernate.


Cravings for a bowl of soup and a lazy snuggle under the doona are your body’s way of tuning into winter, a natural recessionary time. Winter is more of an ‘inner’ season, a time when you can indulge in some quiet R&R and allow your body a time of retreat, nourishment and gentleness.

Following nature’s lead will also help keep colds and flus at bay because the rest and nourishment of warming, healthy food will help keep your immune system firing on all cylinders.

It’s about remembering you are a part of the natural world – that your body is attuned to the seasons – and it’s approaching a time of year when nature is telling you to nourish yourself ahead of the coming busy season of spring, a time of birth and growth. It’s about stocking up on some energy, physically and spiritually, and waiting for the warmth to return.

Ayurvedic medicine follows similar principals – that for optimum health your diet and activity should match the season.

So there you go, a perfect excuse to grab that book, the doona and a hot cup of tea, and chill out!

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