For working out what you want for your life

Clarity Journal

30 Days of Clarity: become clear on what you need & want to live your best life

Are you living your best life? Or are your days too busy to even think about whether you could be doing something differently to be happier?

Are you heading in the direction you want to, or are you being led along a pathway determined by the whims and ideas of other people?

If you feel unsure about what it is you need in your life, or what you want your life to be like, then this guided journal can help you find a clear path.

With each prompt, discover and identify what you want more of, and how to get it. You’ll also explore what is getting in the way of your best life so you can remove those things and make more room for what you do want.

100 pages
Daily prompts for 30 days
30 Days of Rising Journal

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