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Tapping in to the energy of the season (ep #48)

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with show host Rachael Jansen

With each change of season, there is a natural change of energy and this can be really helpful to our health and wellbeing if we tap into it.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m talking about using that energy to achieve goals or look after yourself.

We humans are a part of the nature – we might live in artificial environments but we’re still an intrinsic part of the natural environment, and if we learn to pay attention to that, we can tap in to our innate wisdom where we automatically know what we need to do for ourselves.

In winter, we feel a tendency to hibernate – just like the plants do. They conserve their energy over the colder months.

Come spring, it’s the season of new growth. Plants wake up and sprout new leaves, flowers, fruit. For many animals, it’s birthing or nesting season.

It’s the new energy of the warmer weather and it’s what we often feel too – that desire for something fresh and new. It’s why spring cleanses are all the rage, and spring cleaning and fresh starts.

This episode is the latest in the new format of short pep talks. I hope you are all inspired to tap into the energy of the season.

Listen in:

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