Ep 002: Following a new direction

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with business coach Angela Raspass

For a lot of women, business is a whole new adventure that they’re trying for the first time.

It’s literally a new chapter of their life and as such, they’re unsure of so many things (so many things, right?).

If this sounds like you, don’t worry – it’s true for many of us, which is why I asked this lady to be the first interview for the podcast.

Angela Raspass is a business coach and mentor for women who are starting the next chapter of their professional life – specifically, creating a business of their own.

Often when we set out to work for ourselves after a corporate career and motherhood, central to our motivation is to do something of meaning or that brings us a sense of greater fulfillment than we might have had in our previous career.

Sometimes, it’s simply that we want to make a new beginning – create the next chapter of our lives and enjoy the adventure of something new.

If you’re following the entrepreneurial path because you felt called to create something new, go in a different direction or start afresh in some way, in this episode we talk about that exact process of reinvention.

Ang talks us through topics including underestimating yourself; perfectionism and procrastination; and fear of failure.

She has some great suggestions on how you can overcome them and create what she calls a Next Chapter business.

You start to realise you’re not on the planet forever and so perhaps it’s time to start answering that call – that thing that you really feel you’re here to contribute.Angela Raspass

If you’ve been contemplating a change in direction, even if it’s not about business and career but perhaps something else, you’re bound to receive something from this chat.

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