Ep 003: Using your intuition to guide your business decisions

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with Jasmin Kechel of Lemon Canary

How often do you base your decisions for your business on your intuition?

It’s not advice you’d read much about in standard business text books I’m sure, but for many women (and men!) intuition is increasingly being used to determine decisions and direction.

There’s something to be said about tuning in to our gut instinct and inner wisdom – so often how head can talk us into or out of something that is wrong for us.

If you’d love to be able to trust your instincts more in your business, then listen to what Jasmin Kechel has to say about the way she has developed her gorgeous business Lemon Canary.

She doesn’t follow any standard marketing advice but simply tunes in to what her inner voice says.

From the first product I made, to the relationships I’ve built, anytime I haven’t used my intuition in business, it’s turned out to be something where I’ve looked back and thought: I didn’t use my intuition.Jasmin Kechel
  • An update: Jas sold Lemon Canary at the beginning of 2018. Despite her intuition nudging her to move on from Lemon Canary, she hung on. When she fell ill at the end of 2017, she figured it was time to listen to her intuition and she made the decision to sell. A buyer came along instantly, before she even advertised it. To Jas, it again was a sign that her intuition had been right all along.

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