Ep 007: Making money from blogging

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with Kayte Murphy (Mrs Woog) from Woogsworld

Just a few short years ago, making money from a blog was thought to be either not likely or piecemeal – certainly not lucrative.

Times have changed and blogging is now a viable business idea and brands are now far more interested in working with influencers – that is, bloggers who have built a following and have influence with their fans.

Bloggers have become a form of media commentator, and even if your blog is a part of a wider business – for example you’re a coach or health professional – blogging adds a dimension of business that can add dollars to your bank account if you gather an audience of loyal readers.

In this episode we talk to one of Australia’s first professional bloggers. Kayte Murphy is better known as Mrs Woog, from the incredibly popular Woogsworld blog.

Kayte started blogging at the time when the term ‘mummy blogger’ was considered anything but professional but Kayte has shown otherwise. She’s worked on campaigns with brands including Gumtree, Allens, Qantas, The Hilton Hotel Group, and Toyota.

In this interview, she’s sharing with us:

  • how to connect with brands so that you might work with them;
  • the process of working with brands and how campaigns work;
  • insights into what it takes to build an audience;
  • how to position yourself as an influencer;
  • how to maintain your integrity when being paid to write sponsored posts.
Brands are really starting to respect the blogger’s space, the blogger’s voice and the blogger’s audience.Kayte Murphy

Listen now:

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