Ep 009: Changing the world and earning money while you do it

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with Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Living

Is the core of your business about changing the world in some way?

It’s quite common for many women who start in business, especially after children and a career or job, to have a bigger cause behind what they’re doing – to be changemakers!

They can though feel conflicted about earning money in the process.

Alexx Stuart has built her business around creating change in terms of sustainable living. Her Low Tox Living brand helps people reduce chemicals and waste in their everyday lives, helping both the individual and the greater community and environment at the same time.

In this episode, you will hear how Alexx achieves helping people change the way they live and having a positive impact on the planet, as well as how she came to give herself permission to earn an income from that.

She takes us along the journey of building her audience, building trust amongst them and how that has translated into customers for her online courses.

I had a real issue making that step and making money from the work that I was doing but it is work and work should be rewarded.Alexx Stuart


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