Ep 010: Creating a profit from a passion

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with Tanya Winfield from Additive Free Pantry

*** UPDATE: Tanya has since closed Additive Free Pantry. Her story remains invaluable though.

Sometimes, businesses just form without the intention of starting a business.

Rather, it’s an intense passion or interest that sparks an entrepreneurial journey, as was the case for Tanya Winfield when she dipped her toes into living an additive-free lifestyle.

What started out as a journey to change the health and well being of her children sprang a desire to share what she was learning and the results she was having with other people.

In this wide-ranging interview, Tanya shares with us how she went from working part-time in retail, to running a profitable business that helps thousands of women each year, all sparked from an intense desire to share what she had learned about food additives and the difference she found after removing them from her children’s diets.

When she first started out, Tanya didn’t even know how to send an email! Her story goes to show what is possible when you have a genuine interest in helping other people, share what you’ve learned and do it in an open and authentic way.

What you see is just me, it’s just my story and that’s the reason it’s shared.Tanya Winfield

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