Ep 013: From broke to the ultimate business success

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with Caroline Makepeace from the YTravel blog

If your dream is for your business to fund the ultimate lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, where you and your family can travel far and wide, then you must listen to this episode with Caroline Makepeace.

Caz and her husband Craig have gone from losing half-a-million dollars in assets and being broke, to instead travelling full-time with their two daughters, all funded by their blog, YTravel.

They spent 18 months travelling Australia, followed now by a similar trip throughout the USA, all funded via the blog and the income streams they have developed around it.

It’s the ultimate lifestyle business – freedom to travel and be paid to do it!

In this episode, Caz shares with us her tips on creating a successful business and lifestyle, and how she and Craig went about knocking on doors to find agencies to work with.

Unlike other bloggers who accidentally find themselves with a business opportunity after they’ve built an audience, Caz and Craig actually started their blog with the sole intention of creating a business from it.

She says having that intention is important because it influences your decision-making, giving you a laser focus to what you’re doing.

Despite knowing what they wanted to end up with, Caz says they still made lots of mistakes and had to learn some lessons along the way.

It was worth taking the risk to create something better than to continue with what we had.Caz Makepeace

This is a really inspiring interview – Caz was in her 30s, unemployed, with a baby and living in her in-laws’ place – but she used that as motivation to strive fearlessly towards what she wanted.

She covers everything from building online products, working with brands to how she works on her mindset.


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