Ep 014: From little things, big things grow

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with health coach and lifestyle blogger Brenda Janschek

If you who sometimes feel like you’re not getting anywhere, or success is taking too long to come your way despite your hard work, then this episode with Brenda Janschek should help you feel more confident.

I have watched Brenda build her beautiful business over the past three years and witnessed her move from strength-to-strength, sharing a healthy life message for children and mums.

A former modelling agency owner, Brenda stumbled into a healthy lifestyle when she was having fertility issues.

Later, she became a health coach and her new direction became formalised and her business has evolved step-by-step from there, with lots of hard work but also because of her deep love for what she does\.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you keep going when it’s so hard to juggle everything;
  • Why personal satisfaction is important;
  • Being a role model to your kids;
  • How Brenda went from simple workshops in her home to running successful online courses;
  • Letting go of something that’s not working and getting back up after failure;
  • Why failure is not all loss;
  • Behind the scenes of Brenda’s e-courses;
  • And how to work in collaboration with someone else.
It is a juggle (but) I absolutely love what I do, it speaks to my heart … I’m not ready to let it go, not even close.Brenda Janschek

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