Ep 018: Tech tools and software for when you’re starting out

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with Joanna Mitchell from The Healthy VA

When you’re starting out your #SHE gig, it can be confusing about which tech tools and systems to use to build your online presence.

Even after you’ve started, staying on top of tech can be time consuming and confusing because you want to be able to use the best systems without wasting your time and money.

I invited Joanna Mitchell to join us to share her recommendations for cost-effective and quality programs.

Joanna is a business consultant at The Healthy VA, and for the past four years she has tried, trialed and researched hundreds of tech tools and systems for both her business and for clients.

She started her business as a VA for those in the health and wellness industry and has since grown her business to one of consultancy and training.

In this episode, she discusses:

  • Recommendations for what to use right now, as opposed to systems you might consider upgrading  to in the future;
  • Recommendations based on keeping your costs low;
  • What systems are easiest to use, so that you’re not overwhelmed with bells and whistles you don’t need;
  • And tips on how to try before you buy as a strategy on finding what works for you.
Try to keep your expenses as minimal as possible until you have a consistent income and can start investing a bit more in your business and using more advanced tools when you need them, not necessarily right at the beginning. Joanna Mitchell

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