Ep 022: Use storytelling to connect with people

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with show host and journalist Rachael Jansen

Human beings have been using storytelling as a way of connecting with each other ever since we lived in caves. It’s how we find like-minded souls, connect with people we love, and how we make sense of the world around us.

Storytelling is the whole reason the media exists! Sharing stories on your website or blog, social media channels, in video, in workshops – anywhere – is the easiest marketing tool and I would say the best. It’s not selling, it’s sharing.

Being able to share your stories – about what you do and why you do it – is a powerful and simple way of connecting with people and marketing your business because it allows people to relate to you.

You can use it to build your business by simply sharing experiences so that other people can get to know you and how you can help. It’s marketing but without selling.

So in this episode, I’m talking to you about stories and how even the simplest, mundane stories, can be super important to gaining an audience and followers.

I share with you the most important things to consider when sharing a story, being:

  • relevance – it has to have something to do with someone other than you!
  • emotion – it’s the absolute most essential ingredient behind a good story.
  • personality – write your own story in your own voice, don’t mimic.


Storytelling is the number one way of marketing your business. Without stories, you’re just publishing an advertisement.Rachael Jansen

To complement this episode, I also have a PDF for you so that you can go over the information again, and begin to craft some of your own amazing stories.

As a journo, I love a good story! So what’s yours?

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