Ep 023: Having a clear direction

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with Sonya Lovell

Sonya Lovell helps solopreneurs and small biz owners achieve their goals and stay on track, but it took a bit of a life shakeup to get her own business on track and find her ideal path herself.

As an online business manager, Sonya is like a virtual general manager or COO and she helps her clients manage the people, processes, systems and internal priorities of their business and also works with them to be  crystal clear on the strategy of the business and also the planning and direction.

A year ago though, Sonya wasn’t crystal clear on her own future and found that she’d fallen out of love with the business she had then. She was working as a life coach then, but found the business felt ‘hard’.

An  unexpected life event in her family led to a fortuitous about-face, where she stopped what she was doing and which led her to where she is now.

In this episode Sonya talks about:

  • how she became clear on what her business should be;
  • the process she uses with clients to gain that same clarity;
  • and how to apply it to goals and staying on track with what you want to achieve.

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