Ep 031: Balancing masculine and feminine energy

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with Brad Fennell

The concept of the masculine and feminine energy balance was almost too woo-woo for me the first time I came across it but after you listen to this interview, you’ll see why and how it helps you in life and business if you pay attention to it.

Explained in terms of yin and yang though, in terms of balance, it becomes clearer how these energies work and how we’re being affected by a chronic imbalance in our lives.

This episode of the podcast delves into these complementary energy fields, and it seems fitting that for the conversation my guest is – for the first time on the show – a man!

Brad Fennell is actually my acupuncturist and he joined me for a pow wow on the floor of my home office to talk about this concept of masculine and feminine energy and how an imbalance is affecting women, and also men.

With a background in traditional Chinese medicine, Brad talks us through what these opposite energies are, and how we all need both but we are largely operating in an imbalance of masculine energy that depletes us and creates mental and physical health issues.

It’s also a powerful indicator of what you need – by watching your energy flow, or what Brad calls personal feedback.

In our society, most of us – and it doesn’t  matter whether you’re working, in business or a stay at home parent – spend most of our time operating in the masculine state or energy. This is the competitive, achieving state where we are always busy. Work life in particular – the corporate world of careers and getting ahead – is certainly a masculine-orientated zone, which can be particularly difficult to sustain for women.

While both women and men need to balance their energy with the inner, calming, restful and nurturing feminine energy, Brad explains that women can become particularly depleted and affected physically without that dip back in to the other side.

Some key points from this show:

  • Women end up tired and depleted because so much is given to the masculine – to achieving, to success;
  • There is a direct relationship with this to hormone disruption;
  • Adrenal fatigue is a common result for women and men who are too much int he masculine energy state;
  • Self-awareness and tapping into the feminine energy, the heart yin, is where you find what you love, fulfillment, and creative essence;
  • You grow your personal power by doing things that give you energy – both masculine and feminine energy;
  • Listen to your feedback – an energetic feedback. How do you feel, how do you speak when you talk about what you’re doing? Where is your energy?
  • To re-balance, start listening to yourself, deeply.


Every year you procrastinate and put off what you’re really here to do, it decreases you, it’s stealing from you.Brad Fennell


I really loved bringing this episode to you and it marks a move for me into more ‘life’ related conversations on the show. I can’t wait to do some more of them.

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