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Ep 36: Sleep and how to get more of it

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with Dr Rach Wyndham

Hopefully this episode will put you to sleep. Not permanently and not immediately but certainly more often!

As part of the new look podcast, I want to address some of the reasons and issues we don’t thrive as working women juggling family, and a big part of that is related to our health and lifestyle.

Some of it is obvious, and some not so much.

I asked my good friend Dr Rach Wyndham, an integrative GP and naturopath, to come on the show to talk about some of these issues and we opted to start with sleep because she says it’s a good ground zero for all of us to look at.

We need to sleep well in order to function well yet most of us are not getting enough sleep or a good quality sleep.

A survey I took of more than 200 working mothers found most were having seven-to-eight hours a night yet 83 per cent were having broken sleep.

Now there are some obvious reasons for not having enough sleep – like going to bed too late or drinking too much caffeine during the day – but there are multiple nuances that can be going on in your body that are sabotaging your sleep, and Rach talks to us about some of those.

We talk about the fact that once we hit our 40s, we can be quite shocked that our health starts to falter despite the fact that we haven’t changed anything. We just can’t function like we did in our 20s but we don’t understand why.

Rach saus these changes are subtle and take a while to manifest to something that is a suffering and something you need help with.

In other words, years of busyness and potentially ignoring our wellbeing because we’re looking after everyone else catches up with us after 40, showing up as issues with hormones, thyroid, adrenal glands, stomach or digestive issues, mental health – in so many varied ways depending on our individual circumstances.

So while we cover sleep here in this episode, we touch on quite a few other areas that might give you an a-ha moment or two.

Mostly we are intelligent, professionals, we’re mothers and we work, and yet we get surprised by the changes that our body shows especially as we’re getting close to 40 or over 40.Dr Rach Wyndham

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