Ep 029: Intention, leadership and doing business better

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with brand builder and business consultant Rebecca Plant

Do you work with your husband or partner? Rebecca Plant does, and while she loves it, the idea sounds like hell to me!

It is however the reality for a lot of small biz owners and SHEs, who work in a business alongside hubby.

Rebecca, a former journo and mate of mine from the old newsroom days, works alongside her husband Edward, a former military leader, in their business and leadership consultancy, specialising in helping couples in business.

I asked Beck to the show to talk about a wide range of topics – why talk about one thing when you can gab on about several, right?

Some of the things we discuss:

  • the importance of intention and vision as a way to make decisions;
  • attaching a time frame to your vision as well – how you want things to be in the future;
  • making decisions;
  • what women bring to the leadership table – compassion, drive, emotional intelligence;
  • guilt and how you can use it or understand it so it doesn’t upset you;
  • reconciling the mother and the business woman as one person;
  • and of course working as a husband and wife team.

After you’ve listened to the show, I’d love to hear from you – do you work with your partner, or are you like me and shudder at the thought? (It’d be too much of a good thing, right? 🙂 )

The number of women leading family businesses is five times higher now than in the 90s.Rebecca Plant

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