KISS me, everywhere

No, it’s not a raunchy love letter. It’s my life mantra.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s what they teach to journalism students and cadets when it comes to writing copy – keep it simple, to the point, don’t over-complicate it. The KISS rule. Get to the essence of what’s important and focus on that. Don’t try and be clever by throwing in the unnecessary just to make yourself look smart.


It’s a guiding principle I try to apply to all areas of my life. Keep it simple everywhere – don’t complicate things just because you can. It’s all too easy to make life more complicated than it has to be. I don’t always succeed, but if things feel too messy I know it’s time to cut back, pare down, get back to basics.

Whether it’s issues regarding the kids, work, daily life or my health and wellbeing, the KISS principle never lets me down. It ensures I listen to my instincts and helps keep me balanced and true to what makes me happy. It’s closely related to the other main journalism rule of thumb – if in doubt, leave it out – which is a handy tool to help decide what stays and what goes. If I have to question something’s value or worth, then it’s doubtful I need it at all.

When it comes to feeling and looking my best, the KISS rule is king. In my nutrition and health coaching studies, I’m delving into more than 100 dietary theories – everything from Atkins to macrobiotic and more. It’s a long, long list and there’s enough contradiction within them to make a committed truth-seeker go a bit bonkers. But the one over-riding conclusion I cannot escape from all of it is this – keep it simple, stupid. It’s not necessary to over-complicate a healthy lifestyle with a book-shelve of diet plans and pantry full of expensive supplements. You can certainly do those things if it suits you, but you don’t have to in order to look and feel better. All you have to do is KISS.

The same goes for any area of your busy life. If it’s feeling a bit too much or too hard to fit everything in, then give the problem a KISS. Have a good look at what’s working for you and what isn’t, and for those parts that aren’t right, is there a simpler way to achieve what you want to.

Getting back to basics can be really liberating and not a backwards step at all.


Coming up next week: How to KISS in the kitchen – my really, really simple plan for losing weight, gaining energy and feeling awesome!

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  1. Another great blog Rachael.
    Ahhhh the old kiss principle , very relevant indeed….. Though I do prefer sweetheart at the end rather than stupid , but thats typical me isn’t it .
    With Love and Laughter, Jodee.

    1. Thanks Jodee.
      Being a journo, accurate quotes are my bread and butter, so stupid it is for me – and I do think I’m a bit stoopid when I over-do the unnecessary!

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