Liss Amyah

Ep 35: The courage to choose your own life

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with Liss Amyah

This episode is all about having the courage to choose yourself and your own life.

It starts out about business and Instagram but the story of Liss Amyah is ahhh-mazing and she is the definition of true courage, grace and strength.

I met Liss at Problogger conference via a mutual friend and over drinks Liss shared her story and I was instantly in awe of her and felt deep, deep respect.

She is the mother of six children, is now a single mum, and runs her business in which she shares beautiful lettering work and also teaches people lettering –

In this interview we touch on some of her story about living in and later leaving, what she describes as ‘crazy church land’, the conservative fundamentalist religious community she was a part of when married.

Her life experience has given Liss a beautiful perspective on all elements of life from motherhood, marriage and relationships, spirituality and religion and of course, on having courage to choose your own life.

When it’s your life, you’re the only one who can make the choices about what that looks like.Liss Amyah


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