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Planned, present and on purpose with Nicole Avery (Ep #57)

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with Nicole Avery

Nicole Avery is an incredible achiever who is a mother of five, marathon runner and business woman, but similtaneously, she’s warm, authentic and down to earth.

In this conversation, Nicole shares her story from choosing to leave her corporate career to stay home with her then small children, and how a desire to utilise that time at home to also upskill led her to start sharing her organisational and planning tips.

The success of the blog led to a book deal and blossomed into a business where she has worked with women across mostly Australia to help them plan their way to feeling less stressed and more happiness.

In the conversation we discuss:

  • the importance of maintaining your own life as an individual and not disappearing into motherhood;
  • how women are struggling with juggling all the things and having no time for themselves;
  • how women need to hand over control as well as the to do list if they truly want to have less to think about;
  • how women sabotage themselves by trying to be perfect or by trying too hard to do all the things; and
  • setting goals so life is as you want it to be.

This is another reaffirming conversation of not only what needs to change, but also what is possible for all of us.

Listen in:

Find Nicole’s website Planning with Kids here

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