#75: The trap of over-achieving and over-functioning

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with show host Rachael Jansen

You might be familiar with over-achieving, and not so much with the idea of over-functioning, but both are traps in which we think we are doing a great job when what we’re actually doing is sabotaging our health and wellbeing.

In recent weeks I’ve had conversations with women who have hit the wall – they’d been given some red flag health news and recognised they couldn’t keep doing everything for everyone, and going over and above like they had always done.

Among the things they raised, were common themes of over-achieving, and over-functioning.

So I thought we should have a conversation about the two concepts, and the trap we fall into that sees us doing too much, too often, for too many others.

During the show I discuss:

  • how over-achieving shows up as the Super Woman Syndrome – doing it all and to a very high standard;
  • how it also means churning through all the things each day, and operating at a consistently fast and busy pace, always rushing;
  • how over-functioning is being overly-responsible for other people’s stuff;
  • that the results are stress from being too busy, too tired, ending up burnt-out and ill-health;
  • that we see it as helping and being supportive, but it becomes habitual.

I suggest in the show that you might also like to listen to Episode #37: Sacrifice versus service which is on a similar topic.

If any of the ideas in this show ring true for you, let me know.

Listen in:

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