Pitch It workshop


Are you looking to expand your audience as a guest blogger or land a podcast interview?

Or perhaps you want to see your copy in the media somewhere to grow your reputation within your field.


[typography font=”Tenor Sans” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#d4af37″]There’s an art to getting other people to share your story with their audience. It’s called pitching (and it’s got nothing to do with a bat or a ball!).[/typography]




It takes more than simply having a good idea, or even a good post or story, for someone of influence to want to run your piece. As a former chief-of-staff of a busy newspaper, I’ve seen some great pitches, and some that were never going to get anywhere.

The initial pitch you make to someone can be more important than the story or idea itself. You have a limited amount of time to not only get someone’s attention, but to intrigue them enough to want to know more.

 // You need a strategically thought out idea, well-written copy and an understanding of how to present your idea or request in an appealing way.

In the Pitch It workshop, I walk you through the exact key strategies and considerations you can apply again and again to share your work with a wider audience.

We’ll look at the angles and hooks you can use to promote your work and expertise; we’ll identify where the best places are for you to be seen; and we’ll start piecing together the pitch and content for you to send on.


In our two-hour virtual workshop, you’ll:

♦ plan a strategic site/s to pitch to;

 tailor a post or story to suit;

 flesh out the idea for maximum chance of success;

 identify the key components of your pitch;

♦ and learn the IT factor that will boost your chance of success.


At the end of the workshop, you will have a strategy with a specific goal in mind; an outline of a post to achieve that goal; and a solid plan to put into action immediately.


How it works:

♦ The workshop is held on Zoom. You must have a solid internet connection.

♦ You will need access to your internet browser (for research), word processor (for writing) and a notepad (for, ummm, taking notes!).

♦ Prior to the workshop, you’ll answer some questions for me and I’ll check out your online presence – website & social media – so that I have an idea about you and your business.

♦ Then we’ll spend two hours delving into it your message, looking at angles you can pitch, target audiences you can pitch to, and the content to include.



To book your workshop, please fill in this form and I’ll be in touch.

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