// Words from soulpreneurs and coaches:

“Wow! Rachael is incredible, insightful, clever, inspiring, gutsy, real, driven, kind and swears (my perfect woman!).

I gained so much from this content coaching session and feel like I have more direction and focus moving forward.

If you are working solo and feeling stuck, not getting anywhere Rachael is the bomb. Super impressed and grateful. ~ Kylie Lowe, Joining Hands


“Rachael really did her homework investigating my business before our strategy call, so we were able to dive into things straight away. It was an action packed hour and I wrote heaps of notes and action items.

“Rachael has amazing insight and was able to guide me onto a strategy that would support me and my business going forward. The big picture stuff that will take the business up a notch.

 “I’m confident that her suggestions and ideas will keep me moving forward in a game changing way.” ~ Marla Bozic, Nutrition and Health Coach


“Thank you Rachael. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to speak with you, to clarify my ideas and hopes for the future. You are so giving of your time and so full of enthusiasm and humour, with that edge of no BS that I love. Looking forward to working more with you in future.”

“As soon as Rachael and I started talking I knew she understood the gist of my business. She was able to leap right in and start offering me practical, well thought out suggestions and tips about my blog post writing, website content and layout in the most effective way to reach my followers.

“{Her perspective as not just a journalist and editor but also a health coach was so different to any I’ve encountered before. Rachael is straight-talking and overflows with feedback backed by her invaluable media expertise. She tuned immediately into the language of my blog and I came away with pages of relevant ideas that I can implement immediately.

“I would recommend Rachael’s coaching if you’re ready to take your voice as a game-changer to the next level.” ~ Robyn Patton, Intuitive Nourishment coach

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// Words about the Better Mums Project: 

“I just want to say a huge thank you. This program really helped me lift my game. I have still not gone back to gluten or coffee, and my sugar intake is way down…the pantry and fridge have never looked so lean and I love the food markets each week to top up fresh supplies. Thank you for your help, it has been fantastic.” 

Thank you, this has been a great starting point for me. I definitely feel better, more energy, less grumpy etc. I love the fact that it is about intuitive eating and not a ‘diet’ plan and that I can go back to areas that need more attention when needed. I have learnt so much and feel more confident now about making healthier choices.

Find out more about the Better Mums Project here.


// Words about the life coaching:

“Thank you again, I really got so much out of it and I know it will continue to influence my life and decisions. My husband said the other day he’s loving seeing me so much more relaxed and calm, and enjoying life instead of stressing so much.” ~ Bec

“I would just like to say a massive thank you. I found every part of the course beneficial. Through your course, I learned to get inside my own head … I had to work out who I am, what sort of mum am I,  what I fear most, what makes me happy, what inspires me.

“I am happy to say that I feel amazing. I’ve told my family how much I got out of speaking with you and the four other lovely ladies. Oh my Gosh, it was so nice to speak with other women feeling the same. Thank you Rachael for putting the smile back on my face, thank you for all the words of encouragement.  I think you are doing something incredible by helping other mums get healthy, happy and motivated.” ~ Danielle

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