Rachael Jansen

Selfish is not (always) a dirty word

Being selfish isn’t about anything more than showing yourself some respect. It’s not about failing to care for your family, but making sure you don’t fail to take care of yourself. It’s about showing yourself the same consideration, care and attention that you do for everyone else.

When you take the time to put yourself first, you’re showing yourself that you matter, and you’re showing everyone else that you matter too.

Rachael Jansen

It’s a skill that many of us forget once we start taking care of kids. We get used to prioritising everything and everyone else, and skip a couple of years down the track and lo and behold, self care just doesn’t exist in our day to day lives, or it’s a by-product of what we do for everyone else.

But if we flipped it around, and put ourselves at the top of the list, guess what? Your family doesn’t miss out, they benefit. They will be healthier, fitter and happier because you’ve decided to be a teensy bit selfish and look after you. Really! When you’re eating better, your family eat better. When you’re fitter and energised, you have more within you to give to your family. When you’re rested and centred and happy, your family have a peaceful, calm mamma and not the worn out, screechy one seen around here from time to time.

Being selfish means that instead of feeling stressed about trying to fit in some exercise, or feeling guilty because you ate cake for lunch, or feeling depleted because you haven’t had five minutes to yourself for three years, that instead you feel blessed, invigorated and happy because you did something you needed to for you.

And here’s a little secret – no-one will ever call you selfish for doing this! They’ll marvel at you instead, for being one of those fresh-faced, energetic women who look fabulous (I’m sure you know one of those wonderful women already).

Mothers are awesome. Being a mother is awesome. It’s huge, amazing and the meaning of life (it really is I think). But you’re more than your kids. This is your life and you deserve to be a part of it, not a bystander.

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