Ep 020: Choosing an idea and making it work

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with Alison Morgan from relauncher

Coming up with ideas for your business is sometimes too easy – there’s always a new idea and never enough time to action them all. And that’s the problem – no action!

Choosing the right idea though, coming up with the steps to make it work and then following it through is where you can grow your business and success.

Alison Morgan is a business coach and industry connector, specialising in health and wellness businesses, and I asked her to the show to share her wisdom because she not only has a background in corporate marketing but she also does A LOT!

She’s a coach, blogger, she has a podcast, hosts successful events, runs product reviews, does a lot of travel and she’s a mum of two boys.

In this episode she shares a mountain of gold nuggets of business wisdom.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • When you start in business, it’s something new, so you have to expect to learn as you go. Your business grows as you do.
  • How to choose which of your ideas to work on. (Hint: earn or learn).
  • What makes a winning idea.
  • What you should be concentrating on in the first stages of your business.
  • How to get things done when you’re on a tight time budget.
  • The two top marketing ideas that get the best results. (Hint: Be 3D and word of mouth recommendations).
A lot of it is testing and trialing to see what works and what doesn’t. Nothing is ever lost time. It’s literally learning to get to the next step.Alison Morgan

I know you’ll love this episode and will feel inspired to jump on one of your ideas as soon as you’ve heard it.

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