Ep 25 Tash Corbin

Ep 025: Starting business on a low to no budget

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with business coach Tash Corbin

When you’re starting business or in the early stages, it’s easy to blow your dough on a bunch of products and services you don’t need, including technology and coaching.

Business coach and mentor Tash Corbin is super, super passionate about seeing the end of what she calls the ‘pink ghetto’ – women not making money in their business – and she specialises in the lean start-up, helping women create a lifestyle income doing something they love.

A part of the problem she sees is women over-investing or spending too much in the early days, especially before they’ve even started earning an income in their business.

Things like spending thousands of dollars in courses or qualifications – before they’ve worked out a business model or target market, and even if those people are going to spend money – is one of the most common ways women over-invest too early.

In this episode, Tash and I discuss:

  • How she went from negative budget (owing money) to a thriving business and the strategies she took to get there;
  • FOMO – how the fear of missing out is responsible for so many people experiencing buyer’s remorse;
  • The key steps to getting started – being clear on what you’re doing this for (what’s in it for you), what’s in it for other people, and finding that small group of people who need what you do right now;
  • Focusing on being of service is more effective that worrying about ‘shoulds’.

I don’t think starting a lean business is just a good idea – I actually think it’s smart. I think it’s a very smart business decision because it means you can ensure your business if going to fly before you start spending heaps of money in it. Tash Corbin


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