Ep 006: Achieving work-life balance and how to get stuff done

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with Kelly Exeter from a Life Less Frantic

One of the major motivating factors for many women to be in business for themselves is to achieve a better work-life balance yet it’s not easy even when you’re the boss!

In fact, it’s often harder to switch off when you run your own business and when you’re the one inc harge, there’s always something to do and something to think about.

It’s easy to feel swamped and productivity strategies are just as important as they are when you are working in a job.

Kelly Exeter is someone who knows exactly how tricky work-life balance can be to achieve and as the author of the super popular blog A Life Less Frantic, she has spent years working out how to hit the sweet spot between being productive and achieving and having rest time so that you don’t burn out.

Kelly is a mum of two, owns a design business with her husband, writes her blog, has two podcasts, is the editor of Flying Solo and the author of three books. So yep, she’s productive!

In this interview:

  • we talk about how Kelly manages her time to achieve what she does;
  • how perfectionism drove her to burn out;
  • saying ‘no’ as a strategy to accomplishing more;
  • how failure is a guaranteed part of success.
As long as you’re clear on what you want and you own it, then it makes it very easy to prioritise or de-prioritise all the other stuff that is just fluff.Kelly Exeter

I have so much admiration and respect for Kelly. This is one of my favourite interviews on the show – it’s a ‘must listen’ episode.

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