VISIBLE Workshop

Skip the sleazy sales pitch and boring blog posts no-one wants to read and instead,


 I know you don’t want to publish rubbish.

It was bad enough in high school having your essays graded – if you’re going to have to publish something the whole world can read, you want it to be worth an A+, right?

Fortunately, I was a straight A student, particularly in English, and I’ve added 25-years of journalism to that as well, so I can write fairly decent copy.

With the right content, on the right subjects, you can showcase your brilliance and expertise without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

When you know what content to share, you’ll always feel confident that you can post something people will want to read, EVEN if writing doesn’t come easily to you.

And EVERYONE is talking about storytelling and how it’s THE most important form of content to build your business.

Everyone is right.

Stories are the secret sauce to connecting with other people and the easiest way for you to become VISIBLE and attract an audience who wants what you have. 

Our workshop today was very informative, interesting, and engaging, I learnt a lot!! Big Thank you Rachael for all your worldly knowledge. This is what I needed for some clarity about what needs to happen immediately.Kelly K

I’ve spent more than 25 years writing stories that entertain and inform people. I’ve interviewed politicians and made even THEM sound interesting! I’ve even had to write about bidets and make THEM sound interesting*. 

(*These were not in the same story btw.)

You COULD spend the next three years trying to work out how to attract people to your website, publishing content that sometimes hits and sometimes misses.

Or, you could take a short cut and learn from me WHAT information is best for your audience and your business and HOW to share it so that you can boost your profile, reputation and audience.

Thank you so much Rachael for your generosity – and your ability to impart useful information in such a succinct and humorous way – I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you and learnt a LOT!Sylvana S


When you’re clear on how to share your business message with integrity and skill, you’ll save time and heartache along the way, but most importantly, gain greater exposure sooner.

The Deets

You’ll finish the workshop with:
  • The key elements to include in a blog post that best helps your audience and highlights your expertise;
  • A list of topics to cover for your ideal audience and clients, including the juicy bits that will entice them to buy from you or work with you;
  • Ideas on how to build your reputation and profile;
  • Confidence to hit PUBLISH and never feel embarrassed about your content again!

You can be at any stage of business to benefit from this workshop. I’ll also come to you – via Skype or Zoom!

This is a half-day work shop – we need three hours to cover everything. I’ll also review your website and social media channels beforehand and I’ll edit a blog post you write after the workshop (you must submit it within a week of the workshop).

Investment: $350

Email me for a place.