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#78: Your brain in perimenopause and how to age well

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with Dr Sarah McKay

This show title might indicate the conversation is all about your brain during perimenopause, but it encompasses so much more.

Neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay is the author of The Women’s Brain Book, and I invited her for a conversation to help breakdown some of the neuroscience and neurobiology that happens when women go through perimenopause – or why do women feel like they’re losing their minds?

This is a fantastic chat about what is essentially a huge transition and shift that has consequences for a woman’s health into the second half of their lifespan.

Sarah says perimenopause is a ‘window of opportunity’ – a time to assess, question what is changing and take action to future-proof not just your brain but the rest of your health as well.

As you’ll hear, we talk about how this can be the first time for many women they consider looking after themselves, after a lifetime of looking after others.

Among the things we talk about are:

  • The brain-ovary connection
  • Your brain’s involvement in the symptoms of perimenopause including hot flashes
  • Your brain and sleep
  • Moods and psychological symptoms
  • The role of hormone therapy to alleviate symptoms

It’s fascinating to learn that it is only female humans and whales who go through menopause instead of dying – in all other species the females die after their reproductive capacity ends.

Sarah explains the grandmother theory and the wise matriarchal role of whales, and how we can see this stage of life as a unique opportunity to share our collective wisdom.

This is a really great conversation to further your understanding of what’s going on in your body, and how you can advocate for your health and wellbeing.

After you’ve listened to this conversation, if you’ve not heard the one with Dr Lara Briden, try that one for more on your hormones.

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The Women’s Brain Book here.

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