Balanced in 10

Daily Balance

Is today the day for more balance?

Your daily balance practice is your shortcut to feeling more in control, less stressed and ‘doing wellness’.

Balance is essentially an issue of energy and stress.

The less energy and more stressed you are, the less you feel balanced. And vice versa – you feel balanced when you’re not stressed and exhausted.

But the answer isn’t to try and find more time to do more things. You don’t find balance in your schedule.

I’ve learned you create a sense of balance in moments and minutes, through self-awareness, small adjustments and a handful of daily activities that calm you physiologically and mentally, and energise you physically and emotionally.

I’m a huge believer in simple, practical solutions for wellbeing. The faster and easier the better, otherwise it just won’t happen for me. Just like you, I don’t have time for long and complicated routines.


Balance is swapping distress for de-stress.


Balanced in 10  will leave you with the tools and insight to create a daily balance practice which you can use to calm your mind and your body, feel more grounded, more centred and more able to handle anything coming your way. It’s practical, science-based solutions for busy women with no time to spare.    

Is this for you?

If you often feel exhausted or stressed but don’t have the time for anything else on your schedule, then this program will help.


You probably already know you need to stress less, eat better, move more, and this program will show you how you can DO that even when you’re already busy and have no spare time.

Inside the Daily Balance program:

Understand what balance really is

Work out what you need and when you need it

How to say no and when to say yes

Protect your time for the things you want

Create new positive habits


As well as the Daily Balance program, you also receive a month’s access to the Balanced in 10 online membership, valued at $39.

Journaling prompts for the 10 minute mind

Meditation tracks for the 10 minute peace

Recipes for 10 minute meals

And audios for motivation


You’ll also receive a copy of the Balanced in 10 Journal, to help you stay motivated and record your progress.

“In the Daily Balance program, Rachael has expertly brought together all the things we know we need to do to look after ourselves (but don’t!) in a neat group of manageable weekly tasks. The weekly face-to-face catch-ups were invaluable to keep me accountable and to nut out any issues that had come up in doing the exercises. Rachael gently and intuitively challenged me to find ways to incorporate small time-efficient changes into my thoughts and routines and I found that even these seemingly insignificant changes had a profound effect on my wellbeing and stress level. I would highly recommend the Daily Balance program for anyone who is overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout and struggling to find balance in their lives.”

~ Anthea Gargett

How we do the program:

♦ Five masterclasses – video, audio or script. Do them when it suits you. 

♦ Weekly online sessions with Rach for support and deeper understanding.

♦ Library of resources including journaling prompts, recipes, meditations and motivational audios.

♦ Access to Facebook Group – permanent membership.

♦ Three weeks of connection + an extra week’s access to online portal.

Coaching call times will be determined at the beginning of the program to suit the majority of particpants.

How much is it for Daily Balance?

It’s just $149 to join. This includes one month’s membership to the Balanced in 10 library, valued at $39, and a Balanced in 10 Journal valued at $15.

Rach, I'm already busy! How much time do I need to do the program?

I know, I get it! Masterclasses contain no more than 30 minutes of content. There are simple exercises you can choose to do for them, that may take a few more minutes.

The catch ups are optional.

The Daily Devotions are 10 minutes each, and are the basis of your ongoing balance practice. You can do some of them together, and don’t have to do all of them every day. It’s up to you. But you’d ace it with three 10-minute blocks of time throughout the day.

How long do I have access to the content for?

A total of five weeks – the three weeks of the program and another weeks for deeper study or to catch up. 

There’s always an option to extend your practice and continue with an ongoing membership to Balanced in 10.

What should I expect to achieve?

I would hope that you will come to know how to achieve a sense of balance really quickly and how to do this on a daily basis. 

Is there a refund available?

Yep. A full refund is available within 48 hours of joining.