The easiest food reboot for midlife vitality

Stop dragging yourself through your days.

Boost your energy, support your hormones and soothe your moods.

If you’re just getting by, feeling sluggish, irritable or worried about your weight, and know you’re eating badly, then come join me for Revitalise – my super easy four-step healthy eating program for busy midlife women.

I’ll help you take the complicated and time-consuming out of healthy eating, and help you work with where you’re at. Over five weeks and four easy steps, you’ll tweak your diet bit-by-bit in a way that’s manageable for you.

And you’ll have coaching and support along the way.

 Revitalise will also help you tune into your body, what it most needs and best responds to, and continue to make improvements long after the program finishes.

It is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. You do not have to eat kale if you don’t want to 😉 

Revitalise is simple, flexible and really, really easy to implement. 

It’s the exact steps I took myself when I changed my diet almost a decade ago.  


Is this for you?


If you’re relying on caffeine, alcohol and sugar to get you through your day, or if your idea of a plate of veggies is a bowl of hot chips, then yep, you need Revitalise.

If your shopping trolley is filled with more packets than produce, and you know you need to eat better, then yep, this will help.

If you’re busy, don’t like to cook too much but are happy to prepare most of your meals, then yep, this will suit you (I don’t do complicated recipes or ingredients).

If you’re desperate to do something for yourself or worried about your future health if you keep going the way you are, then absolutely, it’s time to Revitalise! 

If you’ve never tried a ‘healthy diet’ before, then yes, Revitalise is a great starting point.

Of if you used to eat a mostly wholefood diet but have fallen into bad habits and need some motivation and accountability to get back into healthy habits, then yep, Revitalise is for you.

It’s a one-step-at-a-time thing

Week 1 - Pre-Start

We spend the first week getting ready, assessing how you’re going and where you might make the most difference moving forward.

We’ll also be chatting all things caffeine and alcohol (and yes, you will have the option of cutting out both of these for the duration of the program). 

We’ll discuss intuitive eating – what is it and how do you do it.

And I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks to make changing your diet easier.


Week 2 - Green is Good

We start with the most important and easiest shift – veggies. 

I’ll share with you my favourite ways to boost veggie intake (and yes, green smoothies is one of them).

 And again, don’t worry – you don’t have to eat kale if you don’t want to! 

Week 3 - The GO on GF

This week we delve into grains, and the role they play in your diet.

We’re going to talk about gluten, and we’re going to eliminate it for a couple of weeks to see how you feel.

We’ll also investigate other options to grains, and how they might boost your nutrition. 

Week 4 - The sweet stuff

This is the week we tackle sugar, but don’t freak out. Yes, you’ll be going sugar-free for the rest of the program, but you’ll still be able to have a sweet treat.

We’ll talk about cravings, and why they’re good for you, and how you can ward them off without succumbing to toxic junk. 

We’re also going to talk about fat, and why you’re better off eating that, than sugar.

Week 5 - Herbivore or Carnivore

We round out the program by looking into the meaty bit, or protein (and dairy).

We need more protein in midlife, but we also have to be mindful of inflammation, so this week, you tweak your meals to balance these two issues.


How we do the program:

♦  Each week there will be a live coaching call in which I take you through what you’ll be doing the week ahead, and why. You’ll also plan how you can most easily achieve the changes and what you’ll need. And of course, you get to ask questions. 

♦  Resources for the week ahead are emailed straight to you – these include downloadable guides, with shortcuts, some recipes, and tips.

♦  You have access to a Facebook Group for daily motivation, support and check-ins.

♦  We have a total of five weeks of connection.

Coaching calls will be Saturday mornings to allow for shopping and planning.

Why join me?

I studied to be a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school.

Since then – almost a decade now – I’ve continued to research, learn and experiment with nutrition, and apply it in a way that worked for a busy, working mother of two.

There is a LOT of conflicting advice out there on what’s healthy, and I went down almost all of those rabbit holes trying to find the truth, like a good journalist does.

Ultimately I learned there is no one truth because everyone has different needs at different times. Our bodies are complex chemical reactions in motion, and what I find to be best is when we learn to really know our own needs.

Especially as midlife women – so much of the advice out there isn’t based on the specific metabolic or hormonal needs of women over 45. 

So, Revitilise isn’t like other healthy eating programs.

It’s designed specifically for everyday women – those of us with limited time and a lot of other obligations and not a lot of desire to spend hours in the kitchen.

It’s also designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to keep making improvements and adjustments as you need to.

It’s not about me, or anyone else, telling you what to eat, but rather me helping you unravel the best path forward for you.

It’s based on intuitive eating, some basic principals, and no stress!

How much is it for Revitalise?

It’s just $99 to join.

We start October 15. 

Rach, I'm already busy! How much time do I need to do the program?

I know, I get it! The coaching calls should take around an hour each week, depending on the number of questions (they’ll be recorded in the Facebook group so you can access it at any time if you miss it). As for food prep and cooking, that is completely up to you. The program is designed in way in which you change small things based on what you already eat.  

However, if you’re spending NO time in the kitchen at the moment, then yes, you will need to make some time for some food prep. 

How long do I have access to the content for?

The connection/coaching element will be for the five weeks. You’ll receive the downloads to keep. 

What should I expect to achieve?

I would hope that you will get to the end of the program with more energy, feeling better, and a sound pathway to keep going.

I have gut/thyroid/other health issues. Will this help?

Possibly but that is not what the program is designed for and you should check with your health professional and seek their advice before enrolling. I do not diagnose, treat or advise on health issues of any kind. The program is not intended to address any specific health issues. 

Is there a refund available?

Yep. A full refund is available if you email me a request before the commencement of Step 2 (Week 3).    

I already eat a gluten-free diet. Will this be beneficial?

Probably. If your idea of gf means you’re still eating a lot of packaged gf products, and not a lot of fresh produce, then yep, this will help.  

I'm a vegan. Will this be beneficial?

Possibly. If you’re eating a lot of grains and sugar, and packaged products, then yes, Revitalise can help.