Shall we amplify women's voices together?


I've been to a few events and presentations in my time.

As a journalist, I've covered plenty - from media calls to police press conferences; from government budget lock-ups to tourism symposiums.

I've presented at a few too, not always willingly (an editor once sent me off to a major conference to give a presentation so he didn't have to - I can tell you my knees were shaking standing in front of a ballroom of hundreds of the country's leading health experts, not because I mind presenting, but because they were expecting an editor and got me instead! It all turned out wonderfully though).

I made my speaking debut when I was 11 when as a student leader in primary school I had to speak on the morning assembly each week. I've been comfortable standing out the front ever since.

Now I speak to help inspire other women to also stand up and lead.

What could your audience achieve if they were inspired to step up more in life, career and business?

Keynotes and Presentations

I'll mix and match my topics to suit your audience.

I do my best work if your audience is:

  • working women; 
  • women in business;
  • or health, wellness and soulful entrepreneurs.

Amplifying Women's Voices: why the world needs women to speak up

Don't be shy ladies - the world needs women to step up and lead the way with their ideas and inspiration for a better way of life. Let's talk about what holds women back, and the magic that happens when they get over it.

Busyness, balance and the working woman in the middle

Can women really have it all? Why, yes, I do believe they can. Really! Let me explain ...

Overwhelmed, Overloaded and Over It: What's going wrong for women today

And what needs to change for them to feel better.

Blogging, media and the wellness revolution

Does the media really have it in for the wellness movement, or is it all just a big misunderstanding? Why your blog means more than the media and how you can play nice with journalists, even when they don't understand you.

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What people say ...

Rachael - you were fantastic! So relevant. You are so right, we all have a tendency to overthink, overanalyse and feel we need a template, a plan, a formula, before we can just get on with it! Thanks for inspiring us. Kristen Ottoway, Inspired Living Events

  • Thanks Rachael - a very impressive productive day.

  • Rachael, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I gained so much from your presentation today.

  • Hi Rachael, thanks again for your time and the great information.