Feel better in 10 minutes a day

When you don’t have time for ONE more thing … but … you’re so over it and need a thing …

When you know you need some balance … but … think it’s impossible because #notime …

 When you’ve tried finding ‘balance’ before … but … you just ended up doing more …

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The #balancedin10 mini course


Over 10 days, try a 10 minute experiment designed to make you feel more balanced – calmer, happier, more grounded.

stop stressing

Use SIMPLE strategies based on science and psychology to get out of your head, calm down, and take control of how you feel. 

Yes, you can feel more balanced

Even if you’re working from home with kids. Even if you’re a single mum. Even if you’re married but feel like a single parent. Even if you have NO time, NO money and NO idea.

 You are only 10 minutes away from feeling better.

10 days, 10 minutes

Each day you’ll receive an email with a 10 minute or so experiment for you to try. 

Video tutorial

Short videos help you further understand the science behind the experiment.


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Your balance

Find what you most need to feel like your life is more centred.