Never before has it been more important for women to contribute to the conversation on the issues we face, on the way we live, on the way we love – on our very future.Rachael Jansen

Welcome to VISIBLE Women

Women haven’t had a voice automatically. Historically, they were without the opportunity for education, to vote, to work, to earn wealth in their own right.

Thanks to the strong women who went before us, we now have those rights – and more – yet we are still finding our voice on the broader leadership stage.

We are still under-represented in boardrooms.

Still under-utilised in the workforce.

Still underestimated in business.

When women are missing from those crucial areas of leadership and contribution, their voices aren’t heard and global conversations on the best way forward aren’t balanced. 

Women's voices offer a new perspective, a different approach for leadership.

One that is more inclusive, and less divisive.

One that is more collaborative and less competitive.

Our world needs that balance now more than ever.

The change is happening - and you can take your part in it.


It is my deepest joy to help women amplify their voice, to help them contribute to the global conversation  - to become visible - so that they may facilitate positive change and become a leader in their industry.

We do this by sharing our thoughts, showcasing our expertise, and stepping up in our industry - in our business or career - because we have a valuable contribution to make.

If the world hasn't yet made room for you - make room for yourself.

My services & free resources


This is a GREAT place to start if you’re not yet sure about your online content, or if you’ve been trying to boost your profile and not getting very far. It’s also a perfect option if you’re not yet ready for long-term coaching or editing packages.

This is a half-day 1-1 workshop in which you will finish with a content plan and crystal clear clarity on the subjects to boost your visibility.


If you’re ready to really elevate your profile or if you prefer to work one-on-one with someone for best results, my VISIBLE VIP one-on-one coaching is part mindset and accountability, part strategic development, and part editing and refinement.

We work together over three months to plot your world domination. Or at least, a more prominent profile.


Free resouce #1 – The Visibility Files

Every Sunday I send The Visibility Files – a weekly email with an actionable tip to help you be seen and heard. 

It’s a mix of tips on strategy, storytelling, and a bit of mindset.


Free resource #2 – VISIBLE Women FB group

We have a free Facebook Group for Visible Women, to connect, support each other and inspire each other to step up together.

I occasionally run challenges, but mostly just chat.