I work with visionaries, change-makers, leaders, coaches, and health and wellness advocates to amplify and elevate their message and mission with quality content.


As a career journalist with more than 25 years experience working in Australia’s leading newspapers as a reporter, columnist and chief-of-staff, I’ve written more stories than I’ve had cups of coffee and glasses of wine combined. (That’s a LOT!)

I’ve interviewed all types – from a Prime Minister to musicians, sports stars and through to grieving parents and the homeless.

Each of these people had a story to tell and it was my job to take their story and write it in a way that was true to them, their experience and the essence of their lives and message.

My job was to extract their story and write it, with all the detail and emotions that they didn’t perhaps recognise themselves.

That is what I can do for you too – extract the essence of who you are, what you do and why you do it, so that you can share your message and build an audience for your business.



Raising women’s voices with support, strategy, and spirit.

VISIBLE Women is my signature content coaching and mentoring specifically for women in business who want to stand out and lead.

Never before has it been more important for women to contribute to the conversation on the issues we face, on the way we live, on the way we love – on our very future.

It is my deepest joy to help women amplify their message, to help them contribute to the conversation  – to become visible – so that they may facilitate positive change.

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Strategy & Story Consulting Services

For small business owners and bloggers, or for larger organisations who need a facilitator and trainer, I offer a content and communications consulting service.

There are two crucial elements to online content: strategy and story.

Your strategy starts with your mission  and flows out to the governance and implementation. It’s the overall guideline to all your content and allows you to pinpoint the exact messages, channels and delivery time frames most suited to you and your business.

Your story is the effective content to connect with your most relevant audience. It’s the development of your messaging and ensuring the time spent on content creation isn’t wasted.

Workshops and services can be customised to suit you business, whether you’re a solo operator or have a team that needs to have input and training.

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