How to create the life you want to live

Whatever it is you’re craving or desiring, achieving it all comes down to one thing.

You either want it, or you don’t.

Really, that’s it. It’s honestly not more complicated than that.




The only thing that stops you from being able to create the life you want to live is failing to acknowledge your deepest desires and making decisions that bring you closer to them.

When we feel like life isn’t going the way we want it to, it’s simply because we’re making the wrong choices – we haven’t chosen to go after what we really want.

And those things that you really want? How do you work out what they are?


You listen to your intuition.


We’re such a clever bunch. We can assess reams of information, all available to us at our finger tips, so that we do the right thing. So that our decision is correct. Or the best. Because we have to get it right.

We now, at the click of a button, can literally find an entire world’s worth of information, and then some. What once would have been a hard slog, or taken months or even years, now we can gather the pros and cons from our couch while The Bachelor plays out on the screen in front of us.

Or we can look around us and decide that our choices need be ones that impress others. That keep us fitting ‘in’. That afford us a level of respect and admiration.

Or perhaps we decide that what we want is too hard, so we come up with reasons (excuses) as to why we can’t do it.

So we make decisions based on everything other than the one question that will always lead us in the right direction.


Do I want it, or not?


Because you either do or you don’t.

The right answer is always the first reaction. Yes. No. That first answer, that craving or desire – that’s your intuition talking to you. You hear it in that split second before your mind starts analysing the pros and cons. Before ‘maybe’ becomes an option, which is when your mind starts reasoning the whys and why nots.

As women, we value our mothering instinct. Our women’s intuition that helps us understand our babies who communicate with us on an instinctual level.

But when it comes to serving ourselves, we opt for reasoning. We listen to the white noise around us that comes from comparison, society and a sense of obligation. We tune out our inner voice and that means the decisions we make do not make us happy. We remain unfulfilled, feeling stuck and small, and making the same mistaken choices over and over again.

It also leads to overwhelm and busyness – making decisions that please others but which raise in us feelings of unease, resentment or burden. Creating a life that suits you – that has a balance that is right for you – means making choices aligned with your intuition. Decisions that move you closer to what you truly want.

So, if you know that life as it is right now isn’t right for you, and you’ve been contemplating changes, ask yourself: do I want it, or not? And listen for that very first response.


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