Ep 017: Fear not! Overcoming fear and negative thoughts

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with mindset coach Larissa Halls of Everyday Inspiration

If there’s one thing that comes up again and again for women in business, it’s fear. Fear of failing, of what people think, of stepping up, of losing money – so many different manifestations of fear!

If you let it, fear keeps you stuck and unable to move forward with your goals and dreams. It’s the self-sabotaging mindset that you need to overcome so that you feel OK about putting yourself out in the marketplace and really backing yourself.

It doesn’t just affect you in business either – learning to understand fear, and how to deal with it will help you in all areas of life, from raising kids, to sport and even health and wellbeing.

Larissa Halls is a mindset coach and in this episode she  takes us through the different types and elements of fear and explains how they affect us.

She also discusses ways we can approach what scares us so that we don’t find it so scary anymore!

This is THE most popular episode on the #SHEshow and for good reason – everyone feels doubt and crippling negativity, especially when it comes to stepping out of their comfort zone and into growth.

What you can learn from Larissa in this episode:

  • The seven areas of fear that affect our lives;
  • How it’s an indicator that you’re looking to move outside of your comfort zone and into growth, so it’s a good thing;
  • There is always good and bad in everything – positives and negatives in all situations – and how to switch your mind to look at the positives;
  • How to work though fears to minimise them and move ahead.
Fear is an indicator that you are growing.Larissa Halls

This is SUCH a great episode – a must listen for anyone who has ever felt fear or doubt.

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