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Life on the other side of 40 and raising daughters (ep #47)

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with Mel Jeffcott

Life on the other side of 40 is a curious and sometimes confronting stage of life for women – it’s a time of major transition that often catches us unaware.

I asked Mel Jeffcott to the podcast to have a conversation about this time of life, so that we might all feel a little more connected on this trip through our 40s and beyond. Mel is a life and parenting coach for women who are on the other side of 40, so it was fun to compare notes.

We also discussed raising daughters and the particular onus of responsibility we as mothers feel about raising young women – not just the lessons we must help them learn but also the example we set for them.

It’s a wide-ranging ramble – just like you’d expect if we were to sit down and have a chat about these topics!


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