Living the dream

Can you believe we’re more than half way through January? Just like that, the first month of the year is almost done, and already it can feel like time is slipping away before you’ve had a chance to do anything.

Around here, the kids are starting to feel the heavy weight of the axe about to fall to signal the end of the holidays. It’s been a wonderful break, with a trip to Bali and Christmas, and some lazy summer days swimming and hanging out.

But I have been itching to get back to work because the break time allowed me to start dreaming again. Big fat, fanciful dreams that grew wild and abundant with so much open space around them. I want to get on with them. Live the dream.


By the end of the school year, I always feel like we’re running on empty, and it’s a time when I often lose my mojo for a bit. The New Year energy buzz though brought up some new ideas, new connections, clarity and a renewed sense of what matters to me and what I want to achieve. Sparks! Sizzle! Sensation!

Big dreams.

Does New Year do that to you too? Do the possibilities, dreams and desires you have come to the surface because of the blank slate before you? Do you tell yourself things will be different this year? Or perhaps you just feel some sense of urgency to move ahead, make a change of some sort, but you’re not quite sure what.

Dreams are wonderful – I tell the ladies I work with to write them down, dream big, anything is possible. But without action, dreams will always be just that – dreams. You must do something to achieve what it is you want; to have the life you truly desire, you must take action. You have to start living the dream.

If you had some plans on January 1 and you haven’t yet taken any steps towards them, what’s stopping you? What are you waiting for? If you don’t move on them, will you be here with the same dreams this time next year?

Often mums keep all their dreaming for their kids. We dream big on their behalf and pay no attention to our own. So make a start on this year’s dreams. Start before the beginning of the year is over.


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